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RSD Founders

Through The Step-By-Step Blueprint and Mastermind Group
To Take Your Dating Skills, Business Life, Social Game And
Networking Ability To The HIGHEST LEVELS...

...While Revealing What Is Behind the Scenes Secrets of How RSD Was Built Into A Global Company

My name is Nick Kho, you might also know me as RSD Papa.

I am the co-founder of Real Social Dynamics with Tyler.

I’ve gone through 2 MBA business school programs, and I’m still continuing my education by working on a masters degree of legal studies at Harvard University. I’ve spent over a million dollars on my education outside of formal institutions, I’m an exclusive member in many of the top mastermind groups, and I have the privilege of calling other top leaders in a vast variety of industries across the world as my friends.

My professional circle is full of other highly successful people whom I learn from and who, in turn, learn from me.

When I created RSD, it was the beginning of all the good things to come to my life…

  • Thanks to the pick up skills I developed, I’ve dated some of the most gorgeous women in the world.
  • Thanks to the leadership and business skills I acquired, I became the CEO of an extremely successful multinational company.
  • Thanks to the advanced networking skills I learned, I built a professional network of elite and powerful people, and now I am a part of high end social circles filled with famous and highly influential people.
  • Thanks to the communication and relationship management skills I cultivated, I was able to create strong and long lasting personal, social and business relationships.

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