[Free Download] ICBCH Combined Basic Advanced Hypnosis

ICBCH Combined Basic Advanced Hypnosis


The course content is intended to educate those who have very little or even no prior experience in creating effective hypnotic inductions or writing prescriptive hypnotic scripts that are designed to help clients with altering unhealthy patterns of behavior and thinking, leading to personal satisfaction.

Those with prior experience in clinical hypnosis will also benefit by refining skills and techniques and learning the suggestive therapy approach of Advanced Parallel Programming offered in this program.

This comprehensive hypnotist training program is designed to provide you with fundamental required skills, and help you succeed at implementing hypnotherapy into clinical practice with real clients, with confidence!



Video 1:

The History of Hypnosis

Theoretical Approaches to Hypnosis

Understanding Trancework

How to Hypnotize Anyone

Induction Styles and Techniques

Video  2:

Hypnosis as a Therapeutic Tool

Why and How Hypnosis Works

Deepening Techniques

How to Write a Good Script

The Hypnotic Process

Video 3:

Assessment of Client Strengths

Directive and Nondirective Approaches

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Stage Hypnosis vs. Hypnotherapy

Answers to Common Questions

Contraindications of Hypnotherapy

Weeding Out Pseudoscience:

What Hypnosis Can and Cannot Do

Video 4:

Treatment of Emotional Dysfunction

Habit Control and Hypnosis

Sexual Dysfunction and Hypnosis

Stress Management and Hypnosis

Pain Management and Hypnosis

Medical Hypnotherapy

Addressing Abreaction

Video 7: This DVD, updated for 2012+, contains the ICBCH Code of Ethics and a model for resolving ethical dilemmas. The most valuable portion is perhaps guidance concerning individual state regulations on hypnosis and hypnotherapy practice, models for informed consent, and an explanation not only of the proper use of hypnosis and hypnotherapist titles, but suggestions that can help you succeed in practice by making sure you represent yourself accurately and professionally to prospective clients. Richard also touches on the regulations of hypnosis around the world, for professionals outside of the USA. Graduates of this ICBCH homestudy program will have the resources necessary to build a successful private practice and operate within the law and ethical guidelines suggested by the ICBCH.

2 MP3’S

.mp3 1  Audio: Sample Audio Session

Data file: Client Strengths and Resources


Keys to the Mind 
How to do Hypnosis and Practice Hypnotherapy Correctly
by Richard K. Nongard, LMFT/CCH

The 7 training video are packed with easy-to-follow instruction, numerous real-life examples and demonstrations, and practical assigments for learning to perfect your techniques.

The textbook offers actual transcripts from live hypnosis sessions, so you have the induction script to study, and then discusses the development of the suggestions, why specific language was used, and more.

The Sample Audio session offers a complete hypnosis or self-hypnosis session, which you can study to better understand the suggestive therapy hypnotic process, to improve your success with clients.

The Data file provides a simple, effective Assessment Tool for use with your clients.  The NSRI, or Nongard Strengths and Resources Inventory, helps you to assess your client’s strengths, weaknesses, social supports, personality attributes and more, which can be helpful for targeting prescriptive therapeutic suggestions and monitoring progress.


The all new  ICBCH Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification Class

A Comprehensive 40-hour Training Program

For  the Professional Hypnotist

The ICBCH Advanced Certification course is for any hypnosis professional seeking to master specific skills and strategies for addressing client needs.  The focus of this course is skill development, creating a philosophy of changework grounded in research, and structuring sessions that both help clients create success and help professionals build solid, profitable practices in professional hypnosis.

When you order today, you will download an instructional .pdf directing you to you starting point.  You can begin your studies immediately, worldwide from any computer.

This course is designed for worldwide learning with easy to access course materials and professional textbooks.   We are excited that technology allow you to now access of our course material, worldwide, immediately with no shipping charges or waiting.

This program focuses on the methods of Contextual Hypnotherapy, and is grounded in outcome-based research.  The methods are contemporary, and move away from Freudian based approaches like regression or outdated approaches that are authoritarian.  You will see demonstrations, get specific hypnosis scripts and access to our forums for real-time question and answers from thousands of other professional hypnotists – and from your instructor for this course:  Richard K. Nongard, LMFT

Core Components of Effective Clinical Hypnosis

Just like Netflix or YouTube, you can now access all of our video components in an easy to access streaming format available worldwide wherever you have a reliable internet connection. You can view on any PC, Tablet or even a smartphone such as the iPhone or Android.  Simple to access, with nothing to download.   If you can watch other videos on YouTube or similar websites, you have have the ability to participate fully in this course.

Over 24 Hours of Instructional Video:

1.) A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Effective Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Sessions – This 6 hour training program teaches the methods that work for the most sought after service hypnotists provide.  You will know how to structure programs clients will pay for upfront, and produce result that last by using these protocols developed by Richard Nongard

2.) Fundamental strategies in Bariatric (Weight Control) Counseling – This 2 hour program focuses on applying the methods of effective hypnosis with weight release clients.  You will gain a fundamental understanding of the research on effective weight loss and teach you, not only tools for weight loss, but also restoring clients to health and even reversing dietary disease by changing preferences, habits and client choices.

3.) How to Write Scripts and Structure Hypnotic Suggestions – This 90 minute program will teach you a strategy for both direct and indirect suggestion, the power of compounding and how to deliver suggestions with confidence.

4.) Structure of a Hypnotherapy Session – In 90 minutes you will learn how to actually conduct a session, from start to finish, in a way that is both comfortable for you and effective for your client.    Even with the best techniques, a structural foundation must be present, and this course will teach that to you.

5.) 7 Strategies for Effective Hypnotic Induction – This three hour presentation will equip you with skills that go beyond a simple strategy or one-size-fits-all approach most basic hypnosis sessions cover.  You will know how to deal with client resistance, unique needs, and even how to do specific inductions for children.

6.) Ten Scripts for Contextual Hypnotherapy  In 90 minutes you will learn practical applications of contextual psychology to clinical hypnosis, and you will get printed scripts for each segment.

7.) The Emotional Freedom Technique (with David Parke) – EFT is a popular tool for change, that at its core uses trance, affirmation and energy psychology to produce change.  In this training David Parke will teach you the core strategy of EFT and you will be able to use this strategy with clients immediately.

8.) Groupnosis:  How to do Hypnosis with Groups of 2-200 people – Almost three hours of demonstrations and training, will teach you how to work with couples, small groups and even large groups.  For the hypnotist seeking opportunities in corporate smoking cessation or providing other group services, these skills are essential.

9.) Effective Therapy:  ACT Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy   – Three hours of training in outcome based protocols like ACT Therapy and Solutions Focused Brief Therapy will ensure you have a core philosophy that moves away from outdated methods like regression and into the future of clinical hypnosis and the integration of outcome-based treatment methods.

10.) Mindfulness Meditation as a strategy for change and healing – This core concept of change must be effectively integrated into hypnosis to move your practice towards success.  In this one hour presentation, you will grasp the skills of mindfulness meditation and understand the science behind it effectiveness in neuro-psychology, clinical hypnosis and change.

Medical Hypnotherapy

This ICBCH Advanced Hypnosis Training program, includes all materials to complete our comprehensive Medical Hypnotherapy training program.  This component of our program includes a 120 page .pdf workbook and training manual, numerous professional hypnosis scripts addressing specific medical conditions and even a valuable component to market your services.     This format provides you with professional resources you can download and view on any computer, with or without an internet connection, on any tablet, kindle or iPad.   You can also choose, as many students have, to print all materials and place them in a 3-ring binder to become a true resource for your work with clients.

Specific components of this course include:

Pain control, cancer recovery,

surgical preparation,

health and healing,

disorders of the immune system,

kin conditions,

and many other medical conditions that have proven responsive to hypnotherapy.  This is a comprehensive  program with over 30 additional pages of specific hypnosis scripts.  All materials for this training are included in your course fees.

Required Textbook:

Richard Bandlers Guide to Trance-formation: How to Harness the Power of Hypnosis to Ignite Effortless and Lasting Change (ISBN-10: 0757307779   or ISBN-13: 978-0757307775, Kindle and iTunes ISBN will be different)

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