[Free Download] Tom Vizzini and Kim McFarland – Essential Skills – Total Life Transformation 2014 – Florida

Tom Vizzini and Kim McFarland - Essential Skills - Total Life Transformation 2014 - Florida

Monday June 23rd till Friday June 27th.


Spend 5 days at what has been voted America’s number one beach transforming your life with Tom Vizzini and Kim McFarland. For 15 years they have been changing lives and teaching skills to thousands of people all over the world. They have been called on by corporations, top sales teams, coaching clients and even royalty to get life changing results and peak performance.

This retreat will change your life. It is the only retreat that will be happening this year in Clearwater Florida’s Sheraton Sand Key Resort. Get away from the daily distractions on life and get the full immersion experience that will change every aspect of your life.


Main goals/stages of the seminar

-Personal Change and how to easily achieve it

-Addressing the 5 areas of your life that must change now

-Learning a set of skills that support those changes

-Tailoring each skills and strategy to fit your personality and your current skill level

Pre Retreat

We will be training you with videos and live webinars leading up to the retreat

-4 Pre Training Live Webinars on each subject we will be covering

-Video Library so you can begin to explore what you want to change in your life

-Facebook Member Page for asking questions and getting feedback

All this happens before you even arrive!

 sheraton bed

The Retreat

Day 1: Change

-What are your goals and what stops you from getting them?

-Who is it you want to become and how are you going to get there?

-How do you decide what to change?

-Learn the 3D Mind LITE and start making changes now

-Make your first life altering change

-Setting your course

-Strategies for finding the life you desire

Day 2: Emotional Triggers for Life

-What emotions get in your way and what triggers them

-How to use emotions to generate instant trust

-Installing triggers of influence

-How to use triggers to open doors

-Learn to feel comfortable in any situation

-Strategies for influence of social interaction, business and sales.

Day 3: Relationship Building for Success and Happiness

-How to get people to instantly open up to you

-Learn to read people and what it is they need

-Adjust how people see you

-How to keep from getting categorized and stuck in a funnel

-Learn to be comfortable with who you are and what people see

-Strategies of connection, position and roles

Day 4: Influence

-How to have Instant Influence in any situation

-How to know what role you need to play to win the game

-How to dominate without being dominant

-Get instant rapport and trust in seconds

-Using influence in social situations

-Trusting yourself and becoming self-confident

-Strategies of influence is social, business and personal life

Day 5: Success Strategies

-How can you discover what people do to succeed?

-What exactly do you need to know?

-How can you quickly use what you find to become more successful?

-Road map of the life you dream you can have by

-Stop getting lost along the way

-How to deal with failure

-Our top strategies for success and happiness

Final Night Fling!

-Yes we all get together for one last get together around the pool!

Post Training

2 weeks after you get home we will start the 4 month post training process. We will have a webinar covering the first few days of training and answer any questions you have or challenges you have run into. That will be followed by 3 more post trainings in order to keep the momentum going.

That is 5 months of training for an amazing low price!

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