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RSD Julien - Ten Game

Now straight off the bat, this is not a JULIEN product…

This is not a “Julien Game” product…

This is not a “Julien Content” product…

This is a YOU product!

I’ve created something that, for the first time, is 100% customized to YOU, to tap into your BEING, which is the only real value you have to offer women!

Most guys are focused on the HAVING…

Get Julien Blanc (RSD) - Ten Game (Legacy Edition) at the standbysun

They identify with what they have.

They want to have looks…

They want to have money…

They want to have status…

And obviously, this doesn’t work!

Now, as you get into the “pickup scene”, you then start identifying with the DOING…

Where it’s now all about the words you say and the things you DO.

And this doesn’t work EITHER!

In order to achieve success with women, you have to get to the BEING.

The BEING is the soul.

The BEING is your uniqueness.

The BEING is what attracts women.

This is what you have to HARNESS.

This is why I created TenGame.

Focus on the Uniqueness

Your soul, your uniqueness, your being isn’t something you can logically understand.

It’s abstract, it comes before words…

It’s something that you have to EMOTIONALLY RECOGNIZE.

It’s something you have to EXPERIENCE.

This is what TenGame is all about.

It’s there to get you back in touch with yourself…

It’s there to reconnect you with who you truly are…

It’s there to get you back into your seat of power.

As long as you stay stuck in the “doing”, the game will always feel empty.

It’s always going to be stressful…

It’s never really going to be you…

It’s never going to be that powerful…

You have to re-connect with YOU.

Not who you THINK you area…

Not what society WANTS you to be…

Not with the FAKE front that you’ve been trained to put on…

But with YOU - the REAL you.

You can’t keep trying to fill the void by looking outside.

You have to look INSIDE.

If you’re a beginner…

If you’re new and you’re watching this, the truth is:

You probably don’t know where to start…

There is so much information out there, that it’s easy to get stuck in the weeds.

This is a big misconception when it comes to learning game:

You think you have to go from having… to doing. … to being…


Get Julien Blanc (RSD) - Ten Game (Legacy Edition) at the standbysun

You don’t have to go through the “having” and “doing” to get to the “being”…


Everything comes from the being…

As soon as you tap into your uniqueness… Into your soul… Into your being - Everything else will flow from there.

You will not have to waste all of this time learning new techniques, tips, tricks that don’t work - Everything you do will be MASSIVELY IMPACTFUL from the start because it will come from the right place.

If you’re intermediate…

If you’re intermediate, you probably already know what to “do” - And that’s EXACTLY THE PROBLEM.

You’ve been “doing”, while focusing on the wrong “being”.

And we’re going to take that “doing”, and move it to the right “being”.

You will realize that all of these little habits, all of these techniques, all of these things you’ve been saying have been coming from the WRONG PLACE, and as soon as you change the place they’re coming from - your results will EXPLODE

TenGame is going to shift your focus back on the things that really matter, and get you back in touch with the things that make game such a beautiful experience in the first place.

This is what will give you that consistency

If you’re intermediate, you’ve had some good nights out, you’ve had those epic experiences that have you hooked on game.

And you want to have more.

With TenGame, you can - and you WILL.

Once you get FOCUSED on the being, you will not have a bad night out again

If you’re advanced…

If you’re advanced, it’s all about the nuances.

The more advanced you are, the more subtle the nuances become:

The nuances in your mindset, the nuances in your progress, and the nuances in your communication…

To add on top of it - You’re the best out of all of your friends, the best out of all your wings - there’s no one to guide you forward, there’s no one to point these nuances out.

It’s a lot harder to go from a 9.5 to a 10 out of 10 than to go from a 6 to a 8 out of ten.

In TenGame, I will point these nuances out to you, I will hone in on them, and I will show you exactly where you can get the maximum leverage to skyrocket your game.

The subtle tweaks, the adjustments, the precision - THAT’S what you will get out of TenGame.

The focus of TenGame
is to get you RESULTS.

That means - TenGame is not about the QUANTITY of content, it’s about the QUALITY.

More and more content…
More and more things to do…

All it’s doing is distracting you from the being, it’s stifling you from bringing that out… from expressing it… from unleashing it…

That’s why TenGame is built on TEN CORE CONCEPTS!

Instead of focusing on all of the little details (the micro concepts), the focus of TenGame is on the MACRO concepts.

This will give you enough flexibility to bring out that uniqueness instead of being paralyzed every time you go out!

And with these concepts at your fingertips, you will no longer have to guess your way through life - you will simply KNOW.

The Theory = Know What to Do

At its most foundational level, TenGame is made up of the 10 Laws Of Game

These laws are the foundational concepts that lie at the CORE of all game.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced - these 10 Laws encompass everything that there is when it comes to game.

Approach Anxiety, Confidence, Congruence, Conversation, Escalation - everything in-between is covered in-depth within TenGame.

The Infield - The 10 Laws IN ACTION

The soul isn’t something you can put into words, but when you see it - you recognize it.

That’s why for TenGame,

I literally included ALL of my previously unreleased INFIELD FOOTAGE from YEARS of me going out gaming so you can SEE IT, and emotionally recognize it - “Oh… So THAT’S WHAT GAME LOOKS LIKE!”

The infield gives you a reference experience that is unprecedented to anything else that has been released before.

The infield lets you SEE THE DIFFERENCE

The infield forces you to EMOTIONALLY RECOGNIZE the important concepts


The “being” isn’t something you can put into words - you simply have to see it.

Exercises = Internalizing the core concepts

In addition to the 10 Laws, we have included exercises that will push you to internalize the core concepts.

“Knowing” doesn’t help you when you are terrified to go out in the first place…

“Knowing” won’t save you in the middle of a sticky situation…

“Knowing” isn’t enough to get you to truly UNDERSTAND.

You have to transition from the “knowing” to the “being”

Stop finding comfort in content…

Stop finding comfort in doing…

Start finding comfort in being…

Free yourself from the mindless decision making…

Missions = Implementing

Once you have internalized the core concepts, you need to go out and IMPLEMENT them in the REAL WORLD

Even when you focus on the being, the doing has it’s place.

The TenGame missions will help you get out there, stay engaged, and dialed in.

Accountability = Support System

On top of the Ten Laws, the Infield, the Exercises, and the Missions…

We want to make sure that you not only get results… But that you continuously improve and never lose what you learn.

That’s why we went ABOVE and BEYOND to give you Accountability Teleconferences as part of the TenGame package.

We want to avoid the “get it” and “forget it” mentality - and actually make sure that you are getting MAXIMUM RESULTS from everything you learn.

Get Julien Blanc (RSD) - Ten Game (Legacy Edition) at the standbysun

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