[Free Download] RSD Derek – Ten Commandments of Game Resurrected

RSD Derek - Ten Commandments of Game Resurrected




If you aren’t willing to set clear goals and chase those goals down like a champion… exit this page… go back to wasting your life away. I don’t want you as a client.

On the other hand, if you are a man who aspires to do great things and has shown potential in some area of your life – maybe you have excelled in your career, a sport, or playing a musical instrument, and thus far lavish success with women has eluded you, I urge you to read this letter until the end, because YOU are the type of client I specialize in.

RSD Derek here,

I respect your time so let’s cut the shit.

Let’s start with a simple question…

When is it going to be your turn?

You’ve watched all the videos and put your time in studying this area.

You’ve spent countless frustrating nights out.

Piling up rejection after rejection… near miss after near miss…

But still, you’re here, looking to make that big switch, frustrated with your lack of results and the amount of time you have wasted trying to get this area of your life handled.

What is holding you back from living the dating life you have always dreamed of?

Stick with me and we can uncover why you haven’t made that switch already, and I can guide your way through that maddening journey.

The Ten Commandments Of Game Almost Didn't Exist!

For the past 17 years, I specialized in ONE THING:

Getting clients like you EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS via my live, in-person Bootcamp training.

The truth is – The Ten Commandments of Game almost didn’t exist, because I felt that if clients wanted to come work with me, they would do it in-person.

However, clients from ALL OVER THE WORLD kept asking me for a program that was easy-to-follow, that they could access from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

After years of this pleading and convincing by Owen, the RSD community, and my fans, I caved and decided to lay it all out. I made the decision to take the concepts and strategies that are at the core of my “game” and lay them out for the men of the world that want to get SERIOUS results with women.

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