[Free Download] Paul Mascetta – The Mind Domination Series

Paul Mascetta – The Mind Domination Series

“You Now Have Premier Access To My Never Before Revealed Secret Blueprint To Reading & Controlling Minds For Rapid Subliminal Compliance”

  • Master a true mechanical understanding of the human mind so you can clearly understand how to direct it
  • Learn how the unconscious mind responds to the triggers that daily make people do what you want them to
  • Discover the key to by passing the critical factor of the human mind so you can rapid access to the subconsciou
  • Discover 12 fatal errors that 99% of people make when trying to influence the minds of others and how to avoid them
  • Learn why one error is simply unavoidable but how it can be leveraged to minimize failure
  • Find out about an error that you’re likely making right now without even realizing it that shattering your chances of influencing someone before you utter one single word
  • Learn my personal 3 step strategy for seed planting and how you can gain advocates and separate yourself from everyone else so your message always stands out
  • Learn the secret to accurate mind reading so you always know exactly what your subject is really thinking
  • Discover the secret to easily pinning out a liar
  • Learn how to peak inside the mind of your subject by what they do with their hands and eyes
  • Learn how to tell if someone smile is truly genuine
  • Learn the three types of gazes and when each one should be used to subliminally influence your subject
  • Discover the secret planes of the body and how gesturing from one single area can completely change the way your message resonates in the mind of your subject
  • Learn about a little known technique that helps you can more clarity and positive force when you speak so you always appear confident and in control
  • Learn how to leverage the right and left sides of the brain of your subject so you can make your offer see more appealing while making your competition look weak without saying anything bad about them
  • Discover a proven formula for telling captivating stories that grab attention and create instant “like-ability” in your character
  • Discover some dead simple but extremely potent hypnotic language patterns that warp your subject’s mind to pure compliance
  • Learn the truth about tonality and how to can use it to disarm and change moods in people instantly
  • Discover the Advanced Triggers of Mind Control and how you can use any one of these 17 mind hacks to gain compliance, make more sales and get more people to say “yes” faster

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