[Free Download] Kenneth Play – Sex Hacker Pro

Kenneth Play – Sex Hacker Pro

How Will This Course Help You?

  • Learn the 20% of skills that are the most useful, impactful, and unforgettable
  • Know the technique that 80% of women prefer to bring them to orgasm reliably every time
  • Identify the right sensations to let your partner ride the waves of multiple orgasms
  • Learn the difference between involuntary and voluntary squirting techniques
  • Overcome your performance anxiety with confidence, competence, and knowledge in your toolkit
  • Understand the crucial fundamentals of great sex -- from anatomy, to neuroscience, to how sexual history informs your habits
  • Pleasure your partner with an oral-fingering combo move, pain-free first-time anal, and erotic kink to live out that 50 Shades of Grey fantasy, to create epic sexual experiences that exceed expectation
  • Learn the different orgasm possibilities, from blended to anal to clitoral to deep spot orgasms
  • Combine decadence and gratitude in a Goddess Bath ceremony that will leave your lover in awe
  • Learn my techniques from countless women’s retreats to create a 90 minute multi-orgasmic experience
  • Gain over 50+ technical skills, plus the ability to sense the emotional state of your partner and how to adapt when things aren’t working

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