[Free Download] Jeffrey Thompson – Brainwave Entrainment Mega Pack

Jeffrey Thompson – Brainwave Entrainment Mega Pack

Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A. has been experimenting with sound since childhood and specifically in the healing field of medicine since 1980. He began his clinical research in Virginia in the Holistic Health Center he established there. At the time, the Center was the largest of its kind in Virginia. His experiments used exact sound frequencies to make Chiropractic spinal and cranial adjustments, to stimulate and normalize organ function, and to balance Acupuncture Meridians. With significant success behind him, he moved to Southern California in 1988 to continue and expand his research and interest in the field of scientific sound.

Dr. Thompson is recognized as a worldwide expert in the field of brainwave entrainment frequencies incorporated into musical sound tracks. A consummate musician and composer in his own right, he has established a method for using modulated sound-pulses for Brainwave Entrainment for changing states of consciousness for optimal “Mind-Body” healing. He continues to compose music and soundscapes, to treat patients, to further the use of sound in a scientific manner through on-going research, and to develop scientific sound delivery systems for maximum results. He is an educator and fascinating speaker and speaks widely on the use and benefits of Scientific Sound for stress reduction, relaxation, sleep enhancement, learning remediation and mega-learning, creativity and peak performance, meditation and ecstatic states of consciousness.

Alpha Relaxation System

Alpha Relaxation System 2.0

Ambient Music for Sleep

Awakened Mind System

Awakened Mind System 2.0

Brainwave Journey (4 CD Set)

Brainwave Nature Suite (4 CD Set)

Brainwave Suite (4 CD Set)

Brainwave Symphony (4 CD Set)


Celestial Dolphin

Child of a Dream

Classical Music for Sleep

Creative Mind System

Creative Mind System 2.0

Dancing Clouds

Delta Sleep System

Delta Sleep System 2.0

Dolphin Touch

Dreamy Music for Sleep

Egg of Time


Gamma Meditation System

Gamma Meditation System 2.0

Healing Mind System

Healing Mind System 2.0

Isle of Skye


Meditative Ocean

Meditative Rainforest

Memory Learning

Music For Brainwave Massage

Music For Brainwave Massage 2.0

Natural Music for Sleep

Peaceful Music for Sleep

Psycho-Sensory Integration Series (6 CD Set)

Sapphire Skies

Sonic Labyrinth

Soothing Music for Sleep

Sri Yantra

Theta Meditation System

Theta Meditation System 2.0



Nasa Voyager Space Sounds:

Celestial Love Songs




Rings of Uranus


Saturn’s Rings

Space Sounds Music

Sphere of IO (Jupiter’s Smallest Moon)


Voice of Earth

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