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Fight Gecko - Boxing

Fight Gecko - Boxing

Here's what you'll get When you Join...

Upon joining, you'll get access to Eight Complete Martial Arts programs and our Exclusive Community that will take you from a beginner to Combat Ready in as little as 12 weeks.

You'll get weekly calls, daily feedback and accountability provided to you by professional athletes.


A special course by Pavel Trusov, with heavy focus on explosive speed. Enhance your fighting and combat speed to the next level.


Your coaches Alex Hanma & Fightgecko will show you everything you need to go from a beginner to an explosive boxer. 10 modules taking care of all the basics.

3. BUILD YOUR Fighter's body

Full 10-week fitness system based on callisthenics that you can perform at home without equipment. It's designed to make you stronger, more confident and jacked.

4. Boxing bootcamp BY OLYMPIAN

This 8-week Boxing Camp is led by Olympic boxer Marcel Montana Rumpler, who has over 100 professional fights to his name.

5. Dangerous boxing combos

Professional coaches - Hayk, Howo & Fightgecko will help you further enhance your boxing arsenal with 38 additional combinations explained step by step in easy to understand manner.

6. Master your footwork

Footwork is the core of martial arts. This is why we dedicated an entire course towards mastering it. You will learn how to attack and defend yourself more efficiently.

7. Increase your fighter's iq

The goal of this course is for you to understand how fighting really works and unleash your fighting IQ. Fighting is like chess and you'll become the best at it.

8. Special bonus content

New content dropping every month based on the requests of our members. Be ready for some real gems from Fabian and guest instructors.




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