[Free Download] Eric Edmeades – Evolution of Health and Fitness Masterclass

Eric Edmeades - Evolution of Health and Fitness Masterclass

  • Discover the new health paradigm Vishen Lakhiani used to get slimmer, fitter and stronger in his 40s than he was at 27, in just 8 weeks — without changing his exercise routine or enduring extreme, willpower-based diets.
  • Uncover the true definition of the word ‘diet’. When you understand this simple fact you’ll realize why most diets don’t work and what you should do instead to reclaim your health and correct your weight.
  • Uncover The 3 Myths created by advertising companies that are holding you back from being your healthiest self and are causing you to fail your diets.
  • Learn about the single dangerous ingredient giant food manufacturers are sneaking into their food-like products that turn you (and your children) into addicts and put you at risk for obesity and diabetes.
  • Immunize yourself from sinister food marketing traps that are brainwashing you to consume products our bodies don’t even need. (You may feel like throwing out the majority of the products in your pantry after you hear this.)
  • Discover the uncomfortable truth behind healthy-sounding labels that are actually worse than junk food, and learn more about the foods you will want to avoid in your next grocery trip.
  • Curb your junk food cravings and effortlessly reshape your body when you understand the principles thousands of students are using to rewire their mind’s relationship with food.

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