[Free Download] Eero Westerberg – Movement-20XX

Eero Westerberg - Movement-20XX

Our bodies and brains evolved and were shaped through natural movement patterns. Imagine the Palaeolithic Man: he was enormously strong and powerful without doing any exercise thanks to performing natural movements alone.

Babies and small kids are still tuned to their primal nature but as adults we tend to lose touch with our origins and as a result get stiff and weak. Our modern lifestyle harms our health and develops pains and aches.

To regain our health, vitality and natural strength, you only have to return back in time and do what our ancestors did in the beginning: move in the natural movement patterns!

In Movement 20XX, we return to the roots of physicality and reclaim our birthright. Almost everyone has the potential to move in a graceful way and be healthy, strong and functional. This really is well within our reach. You only need to know the way.

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