[Free Download] AsianEfficiency Finisher’s Fastlane – Increase your productivity and focus

AsianEfficiency Finisher's Fastlane - Increase your productivity and focus

This course is unique in a few ways. First, it focuses on 3 key parts of focus:

How to find time for focused work.
How to determine what to focus on.
How to drown out distraction so you can focus (do Deep Work).
A lot of people think focus is only about #3, but without the other two, attempts to focus are doomed.

A second big way this course is different is that we teach mindset AND tactics. Other courses teach one or the other. We believe that you can have all the tools in the world, but they won’t matter if your mindset is sabotaging your focus.

On the other hand, if you take a course with 100% mindset advice, how do you implement it in the real world? Change isn’t really change if it just stays inside you and never becomes real through practical action.

A third difference is our amazing fast-action bonuses. These bonuses are rewards for students who enroll in Finisher’s Fastlane in the next 5 days. They’re a way of saying thank you for attending our presentation and being an Asian Efficiency subscriber.

These masterclasses are complementary to the Finisher’s Fastlane core material, and will help take your goal achievement to the next level. The bonuses are:

Procrastination Masterclass ($199 value) – Learn our 6 practical techniques for defeating procrastination, so you always get done what need to, when you need to.
Shiny New Object Masterclass ($199 value)- Discover how to say “no” to time-wasting apps and productivity systems, without feeling like you’re missing out.
Focus for Parents Masterclass ($199 value)- Learn how to get at least 1 solid hour a day to yourself for Deep Work and gain control of your schedule, no matter how crazy your unpredictable schedule as a parent is.

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